An Introduction: International Scholars & Associates

ISA Mission statement - Teaching the WORLD English… through ISA

Who is  ISA ?   International Scholars & Associates (ISA) an educational organization founded on May 1, 2000 X a testimony to the many challenges that confront people with an upward, hopeful look.

Whether inspired by extraordinary people such as Thomas Jefferson who knew every person engaged in life's contest... needs to know they have a reason... and purpose to get up tomorrow morning;

Or, to be encouraged by those educators such as the linguist, William Tyndale - "father of the English language" (circa: late-1300s) - who often expressed his hope for... every plough boy in England... to be able to read and know what he had discovered, we too hope to assist ordinary people in everyday communities around the world who desire to read, to learn and know... what is so richly expressed in the English language. ISA understands... that what the "plough boy" of England (and America) already knows... common folk of other nations are eager to learn.

The love of XTeaching and XLearning and XCommunicating compels us. We through ISA are energized to promote literacy and learning; and to teach those who will most benefit from learning English, but who can least afford the opportunity.

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Through ISA, we seek to help teachers of English in communities and villages who want to learn the competitive language of international business and commerce.

As Dr. Nicolae Constantinescu, past-Romanian Consul General once expressed:

 “Any organization, or anybody… capable of providing teachers of English to my country will discover a windfall of success and satisfaction as well as a warm acceptance and appreciation from the Romanian people. Today, at this moment… English is the language of trade --defining the course of commerce and global exchange for our 21st Century.”

ISA accepts the Consul General’s challenge :

Will YOU?

Why ISA?

  • Because ISA is committed to provide excellence in language acquisition

  • Because ISA works with a multi-national vision and goal;

  • And because ISA has enthusiastic and competent individuals providing community English language classes and literacy clubs throughout our far reaching community.

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International Scholars & Associates (ISA)
Our Mission and Challenge

With our Mission to promote literacy and learning; and to assist English and literacy teachers in emerging economic regions throughout our diverse global community, we at ISA realize we'll be occupied for a while.

With our ISA - Teacher Training - Standards of Excellence - our teachers provide quality language instruction from basic levels of conversation to more ambitious intermediate and advanced levels of English Language Learners.

As our name suggests -- 
International Scholars & Associates … both formally lettered and non-lettered friends of education working together comprise the ISA organizational concept and structure.

To sum up our Challenge, we are about teaching and assisting new friends - young and old. We are:

    International - worldwide, far reaching, widely accepted
    Scholars - credentialed teachers, doctors, scientists, lecturers, learners
    Associates - colleagues, assistants, fellow workers, friends

    ALL working together! That's International Scholars & Associates.

International Scholars & Associates (ISA) promotes literacy by educating individuals one at a time... from the youngest to the oldest; and by assisting community organizations and businesses in emerging economic zones throughout our diverse global society.

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- our English classes;
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